We’ll turn Wildeburg into a second home from 14 to 16 July. For three days the bamboo forest will house our tents with musical and creative madness.

Wildeburg maintains its open and free personality. Find the way out of your tent, cross the dunes and feel the sandy beach between your toes. No stress! Partying should be done on your terms. Give it your all and grab every moment to chill like only you can do.

Bands and DJs will play non-stop on our intimate stages. Build your own party, swim to an island or chill out by the campfire. Don’t worry about your friends, they’ll find you somehow. Settle down on the terrain from Thursday onwards. In the middle of the Noordoostpolder, only an hour away from Amsterdam and Utrecht.


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About Wildeburg

Where is Wildeburg?

Wildeburg is situated in recreational area ‘Netl De Wildste Tuin’ in Kraggenburg.

When does the terrain open and up until when can I stay?

The camping site is accessible from Thursday, 13 July at 15:00 onwards. Your tent is allowed to stay pitched until Monday morning 12:00. The entrance to the terrain is opened from 10:00 up until 00:00.

Does the party stop at night?

Wildeburg has a day and night programme.

Is it possible to leave the festival and return later?

With your wristband still on it’s possible to return to the terrain. But watch out: only at first arrival you may bring food and drinks.

What happens with the deposit I made for the trash bag?

Included in the price of your festival ticket is a €5 deposit for a trash bag. You receive this together with your mandatory voucher when entering the festival. Is your trash bag full and do you still have your voucher? Then you receive the €5 back, because together we can keep Wildeburg clean! You can exchange your trash bag at departure.

Is there a minimum age?

To become a citizen of Wildeburg one must be over 18 years of age. Bring your ID, we might ask for it.


What about Sunday Tickets?

The Sunday tickets are sold out.

A Sunday ticket grants access from 10:00 AM and the last acts play until 12:00 AM. A big bonfire session will follow on the camp site. You can stay until Monday morning, but it’s not guaranteed that there’s enough space to pitch your tent. If there’s not enough space, we recommend joining someone’s tent. That’s even more fun.

With a Sunday ticket you can’t bring your own food and drinks to the festival. A parking ticket for Sunday is cheaper than a ticket for the entire weekend. Prices will be announced later on.

Are there still tickets available?

Both the weekend as Sunday tickets are sold out. Are you looking for a ticket? TicketSwap is the only medium which is save to buy a second hand ticket. The original ticket will be replaced by TicketSwap with a new one to ensure that the buyer has a valid ticket. The name on the ticket will also be altered. The selling price can be a maximum of 120% of the original, to exclude sales through a black market.

Why do tickets need to be personalized?

Tickets for Wildeburg are very sought after, which makes it an easy target for black market sales. Therefore we ask to fill in every unique name and mailaddress. By personalizing, the sale of overly expensive tickets will be shut down. When entering the terrain your ID will be asked, so don’t forget to bring it and be sure the correct name is on your ticket.

When do I need to personalize my ticket?

Each ticket has to be personalized before Thursday, 13 July 12:00. Don’t know who you’ll squad will be? It’s okay to wait for a bit, but you’ll receive your tickets after registration.

How can I change the name on my ticket?

If after personalization of the ticket it turns out that an other friend is coming, you can change the name via Ticket Transfer. The service fee for this is € 2,50. This helps to prevent that scalpers buy all the tickets with the purpose of making a profit. A name can be changed till Wednesday July 12th; one day before the camping of Wildeburg opens.

How can I sell my ticket without a fuss?

Of course it’s possible that you aren’t available to go to the festival. TicketSwap is the only medium through which you can sell your ticket. The original ticket will be replaced by TicketSwap with a new one to ensure that the buyer has a valid ticket. The name on the ticket will also be altered. The selling price can be a maximum of 120% of the original, to exclude sales through a black market.

Can I share my wristband?

A wristband is meant for 1 person, and cannot be transferred to someone else.

Hoe kan ik de naam op mijn kaart veranderen?

Mocht na het personaliseren blijken dat een andere vriend mee gaat, dan kan je de naam wijzigen via Ticket Transfer. Hiervoor wordt € 2,50 aan servicekosten gevraagd. Dat is om te ontmoedigen dat onze tickets massaal worden opgekocht, met als doel om door te verkopen. Een naam wijzigen kan tot woensdag 12 juli, één dag voordat de camping van Wildeburg opengaat.


Is camping included in the ticket?

Absolutely, a weekend ticket ensures your stay on the camping from Thursday up until Monday.

How far away from the festival terrain is the camping site?

The festival terrain blends seamlessly into the camping site. You can crawl that far.

Are cars allowed on the camping site?

Cars aren’t allowed on the camping site. Campers are allowed if you have a camper ticket.

Are caravans and folding campers allowed?

Unfortunately these are not allowed, but campers are welcome if you have a camper ticket.

Is a camper allowed on the regular camping site?

Yes! There’s a seperate entrance for campers. Camper tickets are on sale for €59. There’s no need to buy a separate parking ticket. We have places for campers and tents at one side of the camping, and on the other side for tents only. So your friends can pitch their tents next to your camper.

When can I arrive with my camper?

If you visit Wildeburg with a camper we advise to arrive on Thursday or Friday. A camper ticket is required. On Sunday it isn’t possible to arrive with your camper.

Are there power points?

Unfortunately there are no electric sockets, but you can buy or rent powerbanks for your phone in the camping shop.

Is it possible to rent a pre-pitched tent?

Pre-pitched tents will be available from April 7. Check all options here.

Are there showers?

Start the day fresh and clean! The camping has showers.


Where can I park?

The parking lot is near the festival terrein and your vehicle can be parked there from Thursday until Monday. A parking ticket is required and costs € 15. If you arrive on Sunday it is cheaper. You can buy parking tickets in advance here.

Is Wildeburg accessible by bicycle?

Yes, we have bicycle stands.

How can I find Wildeburg?

Wildeburg is in Wildeburg, naturally, but if you want to find it on your nav fill in: Leemringweg 19, 8317 RD, Kraggeburg.

Are there organized buses?

There are bus trips from four Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amersfoort. You can buy it here.

How to get there with public transport?

Wildeburg is easy accessible with public transport. From Kampen Zuid station you can take a shuttle bus to the terrain. The timetable will be available soon.