Information - Wildeburg
12.13.14 Juli 2019

What is your question about?


Where is Wildeburg located?

Wildeburg is situated in recreational area ‘Netl De Wildste Tuin’ in Kraggenburg.

When does the terrain open and up until when can I stay?

The camping site is accessible on Thursday July 11. Your tent is allowed to stay pitched until Monday morning 12 am.

What happens with the deposit I made for the trash bag?

Included in the price of your festival ticket is a €10 deposit for a trash bag. You receive this together with your mandatory voucher when entering the festival. Is your trash bag full and do you still have your voucher? Then you receive the €10 cashback, because together we can keep Wildeburg clean! You can exchange your trash bag at departure.

Are you allowed to take pictures?

It’s perfectly fine to take photos with your phone or a simple camera, but please respect the privacy of the other festival goers – think before you post. When you want to bring a professional/SLR camera, please send us an e-mail in advance.


Drugs are not allowed in Wildeburg.

Are there lockers?

Yes, you can find these at the camping store.

What if it starts raining?

We have rain ponchos! We do encourage you to bring your own raincoats, this is more environmentally friendly.

Do you guys like confetti?

Confetti is fun, but not necessary to build a party, The tiny snippets of paper, or even worse: plastic, are almost impossible to clean and get rid of. We want to keep the beautiful terrain in the middle of nature serene, so no confetti at Wildeburg.

Can you bring medication?

Yes, but take a doctor’s prescription with you.

Lost or found something?

Earn karma-points in Wildeburg! Bring lost and found objects to the camping store. After the festival you can send us an e-mail if you’ve lost something.

Is it possible to swim at Wildeburg?

Bring your bathing suit and inflatable animals with you! We totally encourage swimming, but please take note that we are not responsible for you if take a dive. Therefore, we recommend you only go swimming when sober, when you are with friends and when it’s daylight.


Are there still tickets available?

Tickets for the weekend and tickets for Sunday have flown out of the nest, Wildeburg is fully sold out. Do you want to buy a second hand ticket? Beware of scammers.

I bought a Sunday ticket. What should I need to know about this day?

A Sunday ticket grants access from 10:00 AM and the last acts play until 00:00 AM. A big bonfire session will follow on the camp site. You can stay until Monday morning, but it’s not guaranteed that there’s enough space to pitch your tent. If there’s not enough space, we recommend joining someone’s tent. That’s even more fun.


With a Sunday ticket you can’t bring your own food and drinks to the festival.


A parking ticket for Sunday can be bought on the site for € 12,50. A parking ticket costs €15,- upon arrival. These prices are only for the Sunday and are cheaper compared to weekend parking tickets.

I bought a ticket for Sunday, but I haven’t received it yet. What to do?

You receive your tickets after personalising. We ask you to fill in the name and E-mail adress of the visitor. so that every ticket is linked to a visitor. If you don’t know who is going with you yet, you can wait with this. We control names at the entrance, so be sure the right info is on the ticket.

Is it important that the correct name is on the ticket?

Yes! Tickets for Wildeburg are very popular, which make them an easy target for black market sales. By selling personalized tickets, the sale of overly expensive tickets will be shut down. When entering the terrain your ID will be asked, so don’t forget to bring it and be sure the correct name is on your ticket.

How can I change the name on my ticket?

You can change the name via Ticket Transfer. The service fee for this is € 5,00. This helps prevent that scammers buy all the tickets with the purpose of making a profit. There is no deadline to change a name.

How do you buy tickets from a stranger?

Ticketswap is the medium you can use if you want to buy tickets from someone you don’t know. The sold ticket will be replaced by a new one with a unique code to guarantee a valid ticket. The name on the ticket will also be altered. Unfortunately we still hear stories from people who got conned, so don’t get seduced and only buy via Ticketswap!


Be aware: a method often used by scammers is to appeal to you with an advert leading to a fake TicketSwap website or email. You can barely distinguish these from the original. Always check if you are on the orignal And remember: when it is too good to be true, it often is.

How to take over tickets from a friend?

Ticket Transfer is used if you want to take over a ticket from a friend. The ticket will be replaced by a new one. However, this is no safe way to buy or exchange tickets with a stranger. Don’t get seduced to use this via, for example, Marktplaats.

Can I buy tickets via another website?

No. All tickets will be personalised with a name and the names will be checked at the entrance. Tickets sold via, for example, Tickettack or Viagogo won’t be accepted at the door.

Can I share my wristband?

A wristband is meant for 1 person, and cannot be transferred to someone else.


Is camping included in the ticket?

Absolutely, a weekend ticket ensures your stay on the camping from Thursday up until Monday. If you have a Sunday ticket you can stay Sunday night, but it’s not guaranteed that there’s enough space to pitch your tent. If there’s not enough space, we recommend joining someone’s tent. That’s even more fun.

Where can I book an accommodation?

Accomodations are available via the camping page.

A lot of accomodations have sold out fast. Be quick if you don’t want to drag your own tent to the festival.

Is a camper allowed on the camping site?

Yes, this is possible with a camperticket. These tickets are only still available for Camping de Voorst.


Camping de Voorst is the place to be when you want to spend your Wildeburg weekend with a good night’s rest and more comfort. The camping is located ten minutes by bike from the festival and it has permanent sanitation, electricity and wifi.

Is a caravan allowed on the camping site?

This is only possible on Camping de Voorst and with a camper/caravan ticket. You can buy these tickets on the camping page.

Where on the terrain are the pre-set tents?

There are two spots where pre-set tents are available. New this year is Camping de Voorst. This is the place to be when you want to spend your Wildeburg weekend with a good night’s rest and more comfort. The camping is located ten minutes by bike from the festival and it has permanent sanitation, electricity and wifi.


Do you seek comfort but also want to sleep close to the festival? Then the accomodation area on the festival camping is the place for you. This is a separated area, adjacent to the regular camping.

I want to book an accommocation but my friends want to bring their own tents. Can they pitch them near my tent?

Camping near your friends is only possible with a KarTent or with a camper on the regular camping, provided that there is enough space.


All other pre-set tents are located on a seperated area. It’s not possible to bring your own tent in this area.

I want to book several accommodations with my friends and be placed together. Is this possible?

Absolutely! Just make sure you book them together, send us an E-mail and we’ll make sure you are placed next to each other.

How can I check in if I have an accomodation?

You can check in your accomodation at the counter when the gates of Wildeburg have opened.

When can I arrive with my camper?

If you visit Wildeburg with a camper we advise to arrive on Thursday or Friday. A camper ticket is required. It’s not possible to arrive with your camper on Sunday.

Are cars allowed on the camping site?

Cars aren’t allowed on the festival camping site. Campers are allowed when you have a valid camper ticket.


At Camping de Voorst cars are allowed.


How to get there by public transport?

Wildeburg is easily accessible by public transport. From Kampen Zuid station you can take a shuttle bus to the festival. The timetable will be available soon.

Are there organized bus trips?

Organized bus trips leave from six cities. The buses leave on Thursday and Friday.


The buses leave from the Central Stations of: Amsterdam, Breda, Groningen, Leiden, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The buses will only leave when there are enough registrations. You can check on the website how many registrations are needed.


Bus tickets are for sale until Sunday the 7th of July, 11 AM, or until they are sold out.

Where can I park?

The parking lot is near the festival terrain, and will house your carriage from Thursday until Monday. A parking ticket for the weekend is €20 in the pre-sale, upon arrival the ticket is €25. On Sunday the parking tickets are €12,50 or €15 upon arrival. Parking tickets for the entire weekend are sold online right here. Navigate to Mammouthweg 30, Kraggenburg.