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Our values

Feel comfortable and be who you want to be. We don’t see colour, don’t judge sexual orientation and believe everyone should feel free to preach whatever religion they want. The odds of purchasing a ticket is the same for everyone. As a collective we dive under during the weekend filled with festivities. A party doesn’t consist of just one person. 

Wildeburg is a village of endless adventure. You’re free to roam the wild with a beer in your hand until the sun comes up. You are given full freedom; treat this responsibly. Respect the limits of the limitless possibilities.

Respect thy neighbor and their limits: sexual intimidation is an absolute no go. If you think someone doesn’t consent, please ask: are you okay?

More social advice? Every happy camper chooses its own pace and decides for itself when to go to bed. Please respect the other’s space and moments of rest. Swimming is only allowed when the sun’s up; please only take a dive when sober and with others. If we all watch out for one another we can celebrate the best weekend together!

Try a different route and take a turn at the third bamboo on your left. Lose your squad and gain new friends. Live in the now and leave your screen time for what it’s intended for: nice selfies for your mom with permission of everyone on the photo.

Wildeburg loves bamboo and nature! Commonly known, but not 100% respected yet: get those cigarette butts off of the ground. Please don’t use plants and trees for personal decoration, same goes for the beautiful art and installations created for the Wildeburg event. Want to contribute more? Take your tent and its pegs with you to the next festival and use the provided toilets instead of answering nature’s call in nature. 

About Wildeburg

Wildeburg is situated in recreational area ‘Netl De Wildste Tuin’ in Kraggeburg.

The camping site is accessible from Thursday, 7 July at 2PM onwards. Your tent is allowed to stay pitched until Monday noon 12 o’clock. It’s possible to leave and enter the festival if you have a wristband. With a Sunday ticket this is not possible.

The entrance is open from:
Thursday: 2 pm – 12 am
Firday: 10 am – 12 am
Saturday: 10 am – 10 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm

With your festival ticket you paid € 10,- deposit for a trash bag. You will receive this together with a voucher at the entrance. In exchange for a full trash bag and the voucher, you will get this amount back. This way we keep Wildeburg clean together! You can hand in your trash bag from Sunday 22:00 at the exit.

Drugs are not allowed in Wildeburg.

At the entrance of Wildeburg, you will be given a cup token. In exchange for your token, you get the first cup for free at the bar. With each subsequent drink you hand in the cup for a clean one. If you don’t want to walk around with a cup for a weekend, you can turn it in for a token. If you lose a cup: a new cup costs half a coin and cannot be exchanged for money. This saves tens of thousands of plastic cups and keeps Wildeburg nice and clean.

It’s perfectly fine to take photos with your phone or a simple camera, but please respect the privacy of the other festival goers – think before you post. When you want to bring a professional/SLR camera, please send us an e-mail in advance.

No, there are no lockers in Wildeburg. Leave valuables at home and make it a carefree weekend.

Yes, we sell cigarettes at the camping store. At the entrance smokers can get pocket ashtrays so you’ll always be able to get rid of the buds. Cigarettes are very bad for the environment so please make good use of the pocket ashtrays. One bud on the floor is one to much. A week after Wildeburg regular visitors will enjoy the area, so grant them a clean terrain too.

Confetti is fun, but not necessary to build a party, The tiny snippets of paper, or even worse: plastic, are almost impossible to clean and get rid of. We want to keep the beautiful terrain in the middle of nature serene, so no confetti at Wildeburg.

Yes, but take a doctor’s prescription with you.

Score karma points in Wildeburg! Bring found items to the camp store.

You can pick up your items at the following times:
Thursday to Monday 12:00:
at the camp store
Monday 20:00 – 22:00:
contact [email protected] or send a message about the location.
Tuesday 10:00 – Wednesday 14:00:
contact via [email protected] or send a message about the location.

After this, found objects are at the municipality of Noordoost Polder. Find your stuff via Found Objects https://www.verlorenofgevonden.nl/overzicht?search=Kraggenburg

The area has beautiful beaches and water. Swimming is completely at your own risk and only allowed inside the ball lines. Outside these lines, entering the water is prohibited. Swimming is only allowed between 08:00 and sunset. There will be supervision on the waterfront, however no official supervision. Organization can never be held responsible for calamities.

Yes, it can get quite chilly at night and we have a long weekend ahead of us. You definitely want to be able to dress warmly if you need to.

To become a Wildeburger, you must be 18 years of age or older. Identification will be requested, so please bring your ID.

Be careful of your ears! It is smart to use earplugs with a special music filter. That way you can still hear the music very well, you can still talk to the people around you and you protect your hearing. We sell (sleep) earplugs at the camping store, Partyplugs at the checkouts and PLUG-it earplugs at the bars.

Life at Wildeburg is at your own risk. The organization is not responsible for any form of physical or mental injury as a result of your visit.

You are responsible for your own belongings, the organization is not liable for any form of damage to property and / or goods.

Access to Wildeburg is only granted on presentation of a valid ticket and a valid ID. In exchange for an admission ticket you will receive a bracelet. This is personal and non-transferable.

Be nice and respectful! If someone is guilty of sexual harassment, racist and/or discriminatory remarks, he or she will be removed and possibly handed over to the police.

Without permission of the organization it is not allowed to trade articles, spread flyers and/or hand out samples on the festival grounds, camping grounds and parking lots.

At the entrance of Wildeburg, security may examine your personal belongings (luggage, cars or campers) for prohibited items. Security has the possibility to search you. If you refuse the check, access to Wildeburg may be denied.

Smoking is only allowed in the open air. Please make sure that your cigarettes do not end up in nature but in your pocket ashtray.

Only on Thursday or Friday is it permitted to bring liquor through the entrance. You may bring a maximum of 5 liters of non-/low-alcoholic beverages of which 1 liter is strong drink.

On the terrain of Wildeburg people will be photographed/filmed. When entering the terrain you agree with this and it is possible that you will be photographed.

Always follow the instructions of the organization, security, medical team and other employees. The organization of Wildeburg can deny access or remove you from the terrain if you do not do so.


All weekend and Sunday tickets are completely sold out. Want to buy a ticket from someone? Beware of hopeless scammers and only buy through Ticketswap.nl

You can find your ticket in your mail when you search for Paylogic or Wildeburg. If it’s not there, ask for it at I Lost My Ticket.

Yes! Tickets for Wildeburg are very popular, which make them an easy target for black market sales. By selling personalized tickets, the sale of overly expensive tickets will be shut down. When entering the terrain your ID will be asked, so don’t forget to bring it and be sure the correct name is on your ticket.

You can change the personal information on a ticket through Name Change. However, it is not a safe way to exchange money and tickets between strangers. So don’t be tempted to use this anyway via, for example, Marketplace. There is no deadline to change a name.

Do you want to sell your card, but don’t know anyone who would like to take it over? Then you can safely sell it via Ticketswap.nl

Ticketswap is the only way if you want to buy a ticket from someone you don’t know. The sold ticket is replaced by a completely new ticket so you are sure of a valid ticket. The name will also be changed. Unfortunately we often hear stories of people being scammed, so don’t be tempted to buy via another route!

No. All tickets will be personalised with a name and the names will be checked at the entrance. Tickets sold via, for example, Tickettack or Viagogo won’t be accepted at the door.

A wristband is meant for 1 person, and cannot be transferred to someone else.


Absolutely, a weekend ticket ensures your stay on the camping from Thursday up until Monday. If you have a Sunday ticket you can stay Sunday night, but it’s not guaranteed that there’s enough space to pitch your tent. If there’s not enough space, we recommend joining someone’s tent. That’s even more fun.

Yes, if you own a camper ticket. These tickets are sold out. 

Cars aren’t allowed on the camping site. Campers are allowed when you have a valid camper ticket.

Yes, next to the toilets on the camping.

Yes this is allowed, as long as it is not in a glass container. The festival has fantastic spots where you can grab a bite as well!

Glass, drugs, weapons en knifes, fireworks, fire torches, generators for electricity, soundsystems, lamp oil, gas cookers above 250 grams, coal bbq’s, umbrellas and selfiesticks aren’t allowed.

You can find parties everywhere at Wildeburg, which makes everyone’s alone-time and relax-time at a different moment. Have respect for your napping neighbours and keep the volume of your soundsystem on a low. As a true Wildeburger we trust you can guess what this is.

Caravans and cars are not allowed.

Rental tents are scattered throughout the grounds. Follow the signs ‘Rental Tents’ if you have booked a rental tent. If you have booked a Tipi follow the signs ‘FestiTent’ to check in.

If you have booked them together, we try to put you together. If you have booked septerately, send us an e-mail and we’ll try to place you guys next to each other.

Only at Tipis and PODs is it possible for your friends to place a tent nearby, when there is space. The other rental tents are all together and it is not possible to put up an extra tent.

Deposit will be refunded to your account approximately two weeks after check out.

Have you resold your rental tent through Ticketswap? Then request your deposit back via the refund form.

As soon as the gates of Wildeburg open, you can check in at the rental tent desk on the grounds. There you can check in for your booked tent.

Have you booked a tipi? Then go to ‘FestiTent’.

If you visit Wildeburg with a camper we advise to arrive on Thursday or Friday morning.  It’s not possible to arrive with your camper on Saturday or Sunday.

On Saturday and Sunday you’re only allowed to bring your own food for consumption, not alcohol.

Small camping gas bottles up tot 250 grams are allowed on the camping site. Please keep in mind the following: never leave gas bottles in the sun, keep a distance from tents and never use it in your tent. Owners of campers that house a gas installation need to have an APK report that isn’t older than 1 year.

Yes, a disposable barbecue is allowed if drought is non existent. 

Our campsite is exclusively intended for campers that meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Act and the Vehicles Regulation. (Temporarily) converted vehicles such as vans, station wagons with a mattress, cars with a rooftop tent are not allowed. RVs have a maximum length of 800 cm. Caravans and folding trailers are not allowed.

The campground bosses will point you to the correct spot, always follow the instructions of the staff to place your RV. Your motor home will then remain in place for the entire weekend, it is not possible to temporarily drive away with your RV and return later. You always need the permission of the campsite management to drive on the campsite, please inform them when you arrive when you want to leave. They will provide you with a convenient exit point.


Wildeburg is easily accessible with public transport. From Kampen Zuid station you can take a shuttle bus to the festival. Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 there will be no trains between Zwolle and Kampen Zuid, due to work on the rails. You’ll be able to take a NS-bus.

Shuttle buses are driving between the following hours:
Thursday: 1 am – 12 midnight
Friday: 10 am – 12 midnight
Saturday: no shuttle busses
Sunday: 10 am – 11 pm
Monday: 9 am – 12 noon
Shuttle buses cost € 15,- for a round trip and you can buy them in advance in our shop.

There are bus trips from different cities (depending on which day you leave): Amsterdam CS, Rotterdam CS, Breda CS, Groningen CS, Leiden CS and Utrecht CS. The departure time depends on the city, the exact time slots will be communicated with the travellers. Bus trips will only take place if the busses are filled enough.

You can buy your ticket at: www.wildeburg.nl/shop

Navigate to Mammouthweg 32, Kraggenburg and follow our signing. Buy your parking ticket in advance.

The parking lot is near the festival terrain, and will house your carriage from Thursday until Monday. A parking ticket for the weekend is €25,- in the pre-sale, upon arrival the ticket is more expensive. Parking tickets for the entire weekend are sold online right here.

Yes, please navigate to Mammouthweg 26, Kraggenburg and follow the signs “Kiss & Ride”. From there it is a 10 minute walk to the entrance.

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